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Celta fans have chosen an epic name for the sports city: Ciudad Deportiva Afouteza

RC Celta

RC Celta fans have turned to the choice of the name of the new Celta sports city, of which the third phase concluded with a spectacular participation rate.

Celta fans have responded massively to the club’s proposal to give it a voice in a decision that will go down in history. And there is already a winning proposal, with a large majority: “Ciudad Deportiva Afouteza” (Afouteza Sports City) will be the name that will shine in the new sky-blue facilities, whose works, in this first phase, have already concluded.

RC Celta wants to thank the fans for their wide participation in each one of the phases proposed by the club in the election process, in which more than 15,000 fans have participated.

The club will draw in the next days three t-shirts among the participants in the three phases and a unique experience in the Afouteza Sports City among the fans who proposed this name in the first phase of the election.

Opening this Saturday

The sports city will be officially inaugurated this Saturday with a simple act in which the conditions of security will prevail and the directives of the sanitary authorities will be followed with the maximum strictness.

The event, which will be attended by few people, will take place outdoors in one of the training camps from 12:00. Afterwards, at 1 pm, a league match will be played between the youth teams from the Honor Division of RC Celta and Deportivo de La Coruña.

The first team will move from A Madroa to the new sports city this Thursday, the day on which they will have their first training session in the new sky-blue facilities.

RC Celta


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