Celta fills the Vigo classrooms with celtismo and healthy habits

RC Celta

Second week of visits to educational centers in Vigo and its surroundings. RC Celta players have put a smile on the face of the children, future celtistas (Celta supporters), who have had the chance to meet their idols in person and learn first-hand the healthy habits necessary both in the life of a professional football player and for any person.

This week the schools which have been visited by Celta squad members are Colegio Sensat (Rubén), Altamar (Roncaglia), Amor de Dios (Fontàs), Carmelitas (Cabral), Maristas (Jonny), Jesuitinas (Sergio), O Castro (Sergi Gómez y Hjulsager), Xosé Fernández López (Hugo Mallo) and Losada (Emre Mor).

The Celta Foundation, responsible for articulating the social and educational work of the sky-blue entity, continues this way developing and improving its programs and activities to bring closer celtismo (Celta spirit) to the fans as well as spread sport values throughout society.


RC Celta


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