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Mouriño: “The fact that GS360 is of regional interest puts Galician sport in a situation never dreamed possible”.

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The most important project in the history of RC Celta, Galicia Sports 360 Factoría do Deporte Galego, took this Thursday a definitive step forward on its way to become an exciting reality. The Xunta de Galicia declared yesterday of regional interest this initiative of the club aimed at ensuring the future of the entity and to place Galicia in a very prominent place on the map of the European sports industry.

RC Celta has been working for months on the implementation of a project that will mark a before and after in its history. Galicia Sports 360. is a key initiative for the growth of the club that will completely change the sports industry in Galicia and will promote and enhance the training of clubs, athletes and federations.

“The Xunta approved the GS360 Factoría do Deporte Galego project, something that gives us a great responsibility, leads us to a special dedication so that this project is the success that we have predicted, that we have promised to the Xunta de Galicia and that we undertake under its supervision,” commented RC Celta president Carlos Mouriño.

He emphasized that “for us it is a fantastic, wonderful day. They were many months of work but today they have culminated with this recognition to that effort and illusion and especially to that commitment that we acquired to reach the definitive conclusion and to be able to finish in a success for the city, its metropolitan area and all Galicia”.

Mouriño also stressed that “this project has the approval of many official and private organizations. I can cite that it has been presented to the Superior Sports Council, to the League, to the International Olympic Committee, to companies as important as CBR, to NBA teams, in the United States or at the Spanish embassy in Mexico.”

“It is a project that excites, that excites, that transports us to another dimension in the sports industry and we must all take advantage of this, the people of Vigo, the people of Moses and the Galicians because it will place the Galician sport in a situation never thought of, never dreamed of, of undisputed success,” concluded the president of RC Celta.

The works of GS 360 will begin in the second half of next year and will provide the project with laboratories for research, culture, leisure, sports tourism, sports medicine and facilities for the practice of all sports.

The total investment will be more than 90 million euros – the largest private construction project in the south of Galicia – with a total surface area of 300,000 square meters, 75,000 of which will be built, and will generate several hundred direct jobs.

For the realization of this ambitious project, MolcaWorld and CBRE will join the Galician architectural teams that undertook the first phase and maintain their participation in the development of the Cidade Deportiva Afouteza. They will implement strategic consulting services to cover the needs of the Galicia Sports 360 properties throughout their life cycle, including Project Management through Bovis from CBRE for the design, bidding and construction phases, and will also provide comprehensive revitalization services for the project’s facilities and spaces.

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