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RC Celta


They are here.


We are women of the land and sowing, women of the sea, women of iron. We are As Celtas.  We are strong and proud, ready to challenge the established. We receive the centennial legacy of Celtism and from our Atlantic city of wind and tide.


We inherit the life and memory of Galician women who instilled in us the courage to face each challenge, each difficulty, each battle with determination. We inherit the legacy of our grandmothers, our mothers, our women who made this country of land, sea, and iron.


We are brave, proud of this sky-blue shield we carry on our chest, the color of our sky. We are courageous and will fight every matchday, on every field, in every game. We are As Celtas, warriors who rise day by day from the mud, from the sand, to fight until the last second, in life and on the field.


We are As Celtas, we walk together always forward, caring for our own, and together we grow stronger, more loyal, committed. We move forward decisively towards the future, our gaze clear and firm on the horizon. We advance with the strength of a tide, in search of a new time and a territory yet to be discovered.


We are free, we are strong, we are independent.


We are As Celtas. They are here!


RC Celta


The Club

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