Vigo and Celtismo embrace Celta’s new headquarters

RC Celta

RC Celta, its fans, Vigo and Galicia experienced yesterday a historical day with the arrival of Celta to the heart of the city, after the grand opening of A Sede, a magnificent building that will become a meeting point for celtismo and an important reference in the city’s cultural, business and leisure activities.

The city lived the feast with numerous activities and events followed massively by fans and citizens, that actively took part in the celebrations organised by the club to celebrate the opening of A Sede.

The streets were packed with events from midday on. Sarunas Pupelis Street Band, Beehive, Barafunda and Nelson Quinteiro Producciones took the stage to dynamize the atmosphere with itinerant performances.

A 18:00 horas, Nelson Quinteiro Producciones summoned celtismo and  citizens to the entrance of MARCO, where a great number of fans chanted some of celtismo’s most popular songs.

An hour later, with Galician Javier Veiga as MC and in presence of the club’s president, Carlos Mouriño, the players and academy players, came the main course of the day: a fully packed concert on Principe Street with performances by Roi Méndez, Cepeda y Miriam and OT, Wöyza, the Galician bagpiper Budiño, legendary Miguel Costas, DJ Lagartija closed the event.

Open doors

Fans may visit A Sede today Sunday 18th, Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th, three open door days so that fans can get to know the facilities following a tour on each floor of the building.

The timetables for these days is very broad so that everybody who wishes to do so can visit the headquarters. Visits can be conducted on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 9.00 to 21.00 horas.

RC Celta


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