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Fran Escribá: “Our only idea is to go and get points at the Metropolitano”

RC Celta

Team spirit: they’ve worked well, a lot happier after a good week, but aware that there’s a lot left to do because there’s nothing done. Tomorrow we have a good opportunity to endorse the good feelings.

Absence of Iago Apas: the possible replacements are players who are more midfielders than strikers. He carries a suspension and I think it’s a very good opportunity for others to take a step forward. His absence is important, that’s obvious.

Atletico Madrid absences: they have substitutes in case of any absence. It is true that in the position of centre-back they are more vulnerable.

Rival: we’ve evaluated different options (Kalinic, Morata or Correa) and we’ve worked them all. The only idea is to go and score at the Metropolitano”.

Start of the match: if there is one thing we’ve talked about with the players, it’s that one of Atletico Madrid’s virtues is the intensity they put into each play. If we don’t come in from minute 1 totally concentrated we have more chances of losing.

Minutes among squad members: everyone can see that they have their moment and I think we have achieved it. They’re all available players and it bothers me to have to leave teammates out because others are doing very well. With me they have to see that every week is a new opportunity.

Center-backs: I seek defensive level from the front. The fact that we’ve conceded more goals than expected doesn’t mean we have to focus on the centre-backs.

Pressure: We all feel better when we’re in a more comfortable situation, but we shouldn’t think we’ve achieved anything.

Sensations: At the level of high intensity meters we have improved and maybe the team seems more intense. They run a lot and in that aspect they have improved because game after game they are improving the average that we had until now.

Atlético de Madrid: I love them, I keep good memories and good friends. There are still six or seven players that I had and with whom I have a good relationship. It’s a special club, everyone who passes through it is aware of it.

Emre Mor: he is one of the options, without a doubt. The ball is in his court. There are important matches left and he has to take a step forward and I hope he does.

RC Celta


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