Iván Garriel, new player for Celta Fortuna

Real Valladolid and RC Celta have closed the loan with option to buy Iván Garriel. The young 19-year-old left back, one of the most promising young players of the white-and-white quarry, becomes the third reinforcement of Celta Fortuna for the current season. The Iscariense, international with the sub-17 and sub-19, comes from playing minutes during … Continued

Emilio Rodriguez, pure Mexican talent for Celta Fortuna

RC Celta and Pachuca reach an agreement for the loan without cost with option to buy of the Mexican winger, Emilio Rodríguez. In the absence of the relevant medical tests, the 21-year-old player will arrive in Vigo to reinforce Celta Fortuna's attack. In his first season at the Aztec club, the striker has played a … Continued

Marc Vidal, reliability and talent for Celta Fortuna goalkeeper

Marc Vidal signs for Celta Fortuna after finishing his time as goalkeeper for Barça Atlètic. The Villarreal native, who has signed with the RC Celta for four seasons, has a distinguished career in Segunda División B and Primera RFEF football, as well as in the Copa del Rey. His career began at Villarreal B, and … Continued

After an exemplary career, Raúl Blanco begins a new sporting stage

RC Celta and Casa Pia AC have agreed the transfer of midfielder Raúl Blanco. The captain of Celta Fortuna starts a new stage in his career in a team that plays in the Portuguese First Division. Raúl Blanco has been linked to RC Celta since he was 8 years old when he arrived at A … Continued

Celta Fortuna is in the Play-Off!

Celta Fortuna managed to secure a place in this year's long-awaited promotion play-offs. With a resounding 3-0 win over Rayo Majadahonda, the Celta Fortuna team are firmly in the top positions in the standings. This season has been a real display of hard work and effort from the Fortuna players. With 19 wins and 65 … Continued

Year One of LaLiga’s Youth Academy Plan: Results Exceed Expectations with Over 20% Growth

LaLiga’s “National Plan for Optimization and Improvement of Youth Academies” marks one year of promising results, with most indicators set for the first phase (up to 2025) showing 50-80% completion on average, a 20% increase since the plan’s implementation. The collective efforts of the clubs in creating and developing the plan have surpassed the expectations … Continued

RC Celta incorporates the first player of the collaboration agreement with the Fursan Hispania FC Academy of Dubai

The collaboration agreement, signed in June 2017 and which has brought players trained at the Fursan Hispania FC Academy to the A Madroa Sports Facilities, lives a very special day with the definitive incorporation of the first player to the lower categories of RC Celta. Míchel Salgado, former RC Celta player and director of the … Continued

Academy player Carlos Domínguez will remain at the club of his “life” until 2026

In the middle of January, RC Celta is already working hard to strengthen its future project with a big step forward. The second team’s left-sided center back, Carlos Domínguez, signed “with the club of my life” a contract extension until June 2026. The academy player was very happy to “fulfill a dream. I’ve been playing … Continued

RC Celta shows in Sweden the methodology of its youth academy with the help of LaLiga

RC Celta's youth academy, an international benchmark, was the main protagonist of the culmination of an ambitious joint project between LaLiga and Svensk Elitfotboll, which concluded with the visit of representatives of LaLiga and the sky blue club to Sweden to participate in the Elite Football national development conference. The conference took place on November … Continued

A national team break with a strong sky blue youth academy flavor

A national team break with a strong sky blue youth academy flavor