“Oliveira dos Cen Anos”, Mestre Mateo 2024 award

RC Celta

“Oliveira dos Cen Anos,” the music video for our Centenary anthem, has been awarded the Mestre Mateo 2024 prize at the XXII edition held this Saturday at the Coliseum in A Coruña. Gael García, the centenary coordinator, emphasized during the event that “if this work serves to make people discover the beauty of our language, open up to our culture, feel proud, and connect with our roots, it will be one of the most important victories.” A recognition of our history, our tradition, our 100 years of Courage and Heart. And most valuable, a recognition for all Celta supporters.


The official music video, which already has 3.6 million views since its release on the YouTube platform, continues to achieve success, this time at the most important audiovisual gala in Galicia. Produced by RC Celta, C. Tangana, and Little Spain, it was nominated in the category for Best Music Video alongside “Ruando” by Mondra, “Fai tempo” by The Rapants, and “A pequena morte” by Caamaño e Ameixeiras.


The Mestre Mateo awards are given annually by the Academia Galega do Audiovisual and recognize the excellence of audiovisual productions from Galicia. The name of these awards comes from Maestro Mateo, the creator of most of the Pórtico de la Gloria of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

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