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The project that completes RC Celta is born: women’s football

RC Celta

RC Celta is reviving its history with a long-awaited new beginning. Echoing its foundation 100 years ago, two clubs are merging to form a stronger entity that will represent Vigo and Galicia with boldness in Spanish football. RC Celta and Unión Deportiva Mos are joining forces to launch an exciting and sustainable project with its own identity, enhancing the celeste club’s youth system, growth, and visibility in women’s football.

The women’s football section of UD Mos will be the foundation of this project, focused on the youth academy, competitiveness, and ambition. This initiative will complete RC Celta and significantly boost the sport in the southern part of Galicia. A Madroa, the club’s talent factory, will serve as the central hub of operations, with the youth academy as a fundamental pillar.

The team will debut next season in the Third Federation, including youth, cadet, and reserve teams, with a clear aim to continuously grow by nurturing female players and providing opportunities for girls from Vigo and its surrounding areas to pursue their dream of playing football.

The project will be fully presented on the ninth of this month.

RC Celta


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