RC Celta and its Foundation donate to Sergas an important batch of health care material and make A Sede available to its disposal

RC Celta

Since the beginning of the health crisis that affects the country, RC Celta and its Foundation have been working on implementing initiatives aimed at helping the institutions and groups that play a greater role in the fight against COVID-19 and the most disadvantaged communities. The first of the actions being carried out, the club, through its Foundation, has made available to the Galician Health authorities various health equipment in order to contribute to improving the safety of workers in this sector, whose commendable work deserves all possible support and recognition.

RC Celta and the Foundation delivered this morning 200,000 gloves, 50,000 facemasks and 700 half-liter bottles of sanitizing gel to the Alvaro Cunqueiro Hospital, where they were received by the center’s manager Julio Garcia. These were hard work efforts, but with highly gratifying results, since any help is little for the group of health workers who every day make their best effort in the fight against this disease. This collaboration with the Xunta de Galicia will continue next week when the club will donate another 100,000 thousand masks to Sergas.

A Headquarters, at the disposal of Sergas

In addition, the club and the Foundation have made the facilities of A Sede available to Sergas, specifically the youth academy residence and the RC Celta clinic.

This way, when deemed appropriate, those responsible for health care will be able to have 28 beds in the rooms of the residence hall, which also has common areas, a kitchen and a laundry.

RC Celta Clinic offers several spaces that can be used for medical consultations and even for the accommodation of health care personnel. The club and the foundation will collaborate to the maximum in everything that patients and health staff may need during their stay at A Sede.

Solidarity medical robes in Galician hospitals

The Celta Foundation will extend its initiative of ‘solidarity robes’, developed by Panenka Magazine, to other Galician hospitals. This initiative was born so that hospitalized children can wear the shirt of their favorite team instead of the boring green robe so that their mood can improve and thus feel stronger.RC Celta and the Foundation want to encourage their youngest fans in these difficult moments and for that reason they will give these gowns again in the Alvaro Cunqueiro Hospital, where this initiative began, as well as in others of the area of Santiago de Compostela and Pontevedra.

Food for soup kitchens

On the other hand, Conservas Daporta and Fundación Celta have sent 1,500 cans of food to several soup kitchens in Vigo that have reported difficulties in covering the basic needs of their users. The Foundation wants to express its gratefulness to the Galician company for its collaboration for the development of this action that will contribute to reinforce the activity in diverse dining rooms of the city.

Both RC Celta and its Foundation will continue in the next days with other initiatives to collaborate as much as possible with the society in these difficult circumstances. All the departments of both entities are absolutely devoted to the management and development of this type of measures so necessary in a moment in which the union and the collaboration of the whole society are vital.

RC Celta


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