Celta b

Valladolid B, Cultural and Burgos, RC Celta B’s rivals in the next stage of Segunda B

RC Celta

RC Celta B faces from this very Sunday six weeks of the most exciting. After the feat achieved last weekend, when they finished leaders of their subgroup in the first phase of the Second Division B, Onésimo’s team is looking to continue breaking new ground. With a place already achieved in the First Division RFEF that will start next season, Celta B wants to continue growing in both play and results in the second phase of the competition, which starts this Sunday in Barreiro.

RC Celta B will face Valladolid Promesas, Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa and Burgos in the next six rounds in a group that will also include Unionistas and Zamora. The goal is clear: to finish in the top three to access the playoffs to fight for promotion to the Second Division.

The Calendar of RC Celta B in the 2nd phase is the following:

J.1: Celta B-Valladolid Prom. (4/4)

J.2: Cultural Leonesa-Celta B (4/11)

J.3: Celta B-Burgos (4/18)

J.4: Valladolid Prom.-Celta B (4/25)

J.5: Celta B-Cultural Leonesa (5/2)

J.6: Burgos-Celta B (9/5)

RC Celta


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