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Advertising and Licensing

Wide variety of offers

RC Celta puts within reach of companies its means, supports and spaces to promote brands and products. From the inclusion of advertising in the most traditional media on match days, where there are thousands of impacts achieved nationally and internationally, to the use of exclusive locations with which the club has for events or other activities.

A variety of proposals for companies to find the perfect means to make themselves known or to promote their brands and products.


Advertising in the stadium

Desde RC Celta we put at the disposal of the companies several promotional offers in the Balaídos Abanca Stadium, so much in days of match (match day) as in those when there is no match (no match day).

Canteen and Entrance Areas


RC Celta offers companies different locations throughout the stadium to highlight the presence of a brand or product.

The entrances to the stadium, through which thousands of people pass in each game, the canteens, meeting places for many fans in the run-up to the game or at half-time and other adjacent rooms, are ideal places to capture the attention of the fans by means of flyers, posters or merchandising.

From 900€Per match + production

Branding + Experience

Companies can make the most of the presence of thousands of fans in the stands to create unique experiences to give visibility to their brand.

In the hours before the start of the match or during half-time, one of the central moments of a game, companies can promote their image by developing actions such as product tasting stands, installation of photocalls, skin painting for the youngest ones, etc.

From 1500€Per match + production

Field and stand zones


During the RC Celta matches in Abanca Balaídos there are perfect areas for the presence of the brand and products, visible both to the people attending the stadium and to the fans who watch them on TV.

In the stands

Distribution of flyers or bags with product in each seat, installation of promotional stands in the aisles.

In the middle of the field

Banner placement

From 1000€Per match + production

Branding + Experience

RC Celta’s stadium receives the attention of fans from the five continents. Companies can take advantage of this worldwide attention to develop actions with which to promote their brand. For example, the creation of a sponsored mosaic in the stands, competition with penalty kicks among fans at half-time of the match, Kiss cam or canvas banner display in the center of the field before the restart of the match.

From the stadium companies can also develop interactive promotional actions through the videoscreens, the television U or the speaker where they can give visibility to your brand or products.

From 3000€Per match + production


Events in the stadium

RC Celta offers the possibility to celebrate events at Abanca Balaídos stadium, both on match days (match day) and on non match days (no match day).

Match day agenda (Match Day)

There are many complementary activities that fill the agenda of the Celtic RC on a match day. Many of them are ideal for brands and products to be publicized:


  • Tour around the stadium in the prologue of the match
  • Visit to the RC Celta Museum
  • Creating a fan club abroad
  • Broadcasting of matches in which the RC Celta plays as a visitor on a giant screen
  • Presentation of the team

Non match day agenda (No Match Day)

The Abanca Balaídos stadium has activity beyond the team’s matches. The iconic place for cellists hosts many events on non-game days, where companies can give visibility to their brands and products with different actions.

Some of the events are:


  • Football tournament on the Abanca Balaídos pitch
  • Drone races
  • Crossfit tournaments or other sport modalities
  • Other sport events

Events at A Sede

Holding an event in one of the most emblematic buildings in Vigo is possible. RC Celta offers its building of A Sede, in the middle of Príncipe street, for the organization of companies’ activities, foundations, etc:

  • Concerts in the iconic Salon Regio
  • Expositions
  • E-Sports competitions
  • Children’s workshops, etc…

Program of activities of A Sede

A Sede has its own agenda of activities that companies can join to promote their brands: concerts, exhibitions, talks, emeetings with relevant personalities or presentations. These events can be both public and private.

UTV or UTV Perimeter Led

The U-TV, installed around the pitch, offers advertising supports of direct visibility during the broadcasting of matches in the Abanca Balaídos stadium. From RC Celta we offer two possibilities to promote your company through this means:

    For sponsors: Advertising for 1 to 5 minutes before, during and at half-time.
    For collaborators: brand projection from 30 seconds to 2 minutes before and during the game, but not at half time.


In each match that RC Celta plays as a local in the Abanca Balaídos Stadium companies can advertise their products in front of millions of fans around the world through the videoscreens. RC Celta offers three options to advertise in these audiovisual supports:

  • For sponsors: insertion of advertising during the presentation of teams and line-ups or at each goal of a team. In addition, there is also the possibility of placing an advertisement during the entire match next to the clock/scoreboard.
  • Sponsorship in special moments: insertion of advertising in specific situations such as team substitutions or the projection of the capacity present in the stadium.
  • Standard spot: broadcasting of a standard spot before the match, at rest or at the end of the match.

Physical media

The Abanca Balaídos stadium offers numerous physical advertising supports of different sizes installed in different areas of its facilities.


RC Celta offers to the companies the possibility of promoting advertising initiatives by sharing licenses. A way to associate a product or brand to RC Celta.

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