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Transparency Index of Football Clubs | INFUT 2019

A transparent club

RCCelta Group makes public its institutional, organizational and planning information, as well as economic, budgetary and statistical information and indicators of the INFUT 2019 transparency index, with the aim of advancing our idea of transparency and communication with society in general.

Transparency International Spain has developed the Third Edition of the Football Club Transparency Index ( INFUT 2019 ), which aims to assess the level of transparency of football clubs/SAD’s and to promote and encourage an increase in the information offered to citizens and society as a whole.

On August 10, 2020, the results of this index were published, in which RC Celta’s commitment to transparency was made clear.


The 42 clubs and sports corporations that make up the First and Second Division have been evaluated through an evaluation procedure based on 48 indicators , grouped into five areas of transparency.

The INFUT evaluates 48 indicators, grouped into the following five areas of transparency:

A. Club Information

Management and staff information


Professional and biographical profile of the President/Board of Directors and/or management team


Generic e-mail addresses of the different sections or departments of the Club, as well as the general contact details of the club (telephone/s, e-mail address/s and head office).

Through phone number 986 110 900 or the following addresses or or in Calle Príncipe, 44 CP:36202 Vigo you can contact Real Club Celta de Vigo, S.A.D.; Fundación Celta de Vigo and Afouteza e Corazón, S.L.U.

The agreements of the General Meeting of Shareholders of the company are published as well as the agreements taken by the Board of Directors and are kept updated periodically.


An updated organization chart (graphic representation) is published in detail to allow the identification of those responsible for the different areas.

The organizational structure is reflected in the following link.

Legal framework, organizational structure and assets of the Club.


The legal, institutional and statutory regulations to be complied with by the Club are published.

The regulation applicable to RC Celta is:
  • Law 10/1990, of October 15, of the state sport.
  • Law 3/2012, of April 2, of the Sport of Galicia.
  • Royal Decree 177/1981, of January 16.
  • Real Decree 1251/1999, of 16 of July on anonymous sport societies.
  • Other regulations applicable to a professional Club/SAD (Statutes, General Regulations and Disciplinary Code of the RFEF, Social Statutes, General Regulations and Rules for the preparation of budgets of the LFP, which can be found in the official pages of the respective organizations).
  • Reglamento interno del Real Club Celta de Vigo S.A.D. Internal Regulations of the Real Club Celta de Vigo, S. A.D. Art. 6 of the Royal Decree 203/2010, of February 26th, which approves the Regulations for the prevention of violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sports.


A Code of Ethics or good practice and/or sports behavior by the Club exists and is published

The code of ethics or good practice and the internal policies of the Group are reflected in the following link.

The basic values that guide the activity of the Group are: HONESTY, JUSTICE and INTEGRITY. Being the basic principles:

  • Strict compliance with the Law and Internal Regulations,
  • Maximum respect, fairness and dignity in the treatment of all employees, players, collaborators, subscribers, suppliers, competitors and other third parties linked to the Group
  • Commitment to health and safety,
  • Transparency, objectivity and professionalism in the development of all its activities and relations with all stakeholders,
  • Privacy, data protection and confidential information, and
  • Promotion of the sport activity with the highest standards of professionalism.

Everything related to the fight against corruption and bribery in the 2018/2019 season is mentioned in point 6 of the State of Non-Financial Information.


The Club's Internal Regulations exist and are published

Yes, in the point related to legal, institutional and statutory regulations to be complied with by the club.


It is reported that the club has an ethics committee or compliance officer

In indicator 6 of these indicators, on Ethical Code or good practice and/or sports behavior by the club it is indicated that the body in charge of implementing the various controls and requirements established, is the Compliance Committee which also ensures the training of all the recipients of the manual and the ethical principles and policies established by the RC Celta Group to mitigate the identified criminal risks.

This Compliance Committee is composed of 2 members representing a Vice President and the Director of Facilities and Safety. The members of the Compliance Committee must act with independence and honesty in order to carry out their assigned duties. Likewise, they shall ensure the confidentiality of the information they handle in the performance of their duties.


It is informed if the Club is, or not, in a situation of insolvency proceedings, or of pre-competition or similar situation

On January 20th 2020, the Judge, of the Commercial Court nº 1 of Pontevedra, declares the agreement approved by the sentence of July 20th 2009 to be fully complied with.


On August 17th 2020, it is dictated by the Mercantile Court number one of Pontevedra order that decrees the conclusion of the Insolvency Proceedings of Real Club Celta de Vigo, S.A.D. It is the judicial resolution that, effectively, puts an end to the Insolvency Proceedings of the Club, with definitive nature.


The basic data of the different existing soccer teams (professional, youth, children's, women's, ...) and if applicable, divisions or sections of other teams are specified

The information is reflected in the following links:


Inventory of assets

(movable and real estate).
The three facilities are granted in use by the Council of Vigo.” (Balaídos, Barreiro, A Madroa)

A Sede building (Príncipe Street)

Balaídos Stadium

First-team facilities

Barreiro Stadium

Celta B facilities

A Madroa sports facilities

B. Relations with partners, fans and the general public


A transparency page (or specific section) has been implemented on the Club's website.

The club has implemented a specific section to promote transparency, in which we are.

There is an internal search engine clearly visible on the website.

There is an internal search engine clearly visible on the upper right hand side of the corporate website.

You can see on the home page the Map of the club's website.

You can see in the home page the map of the website.

The web page contains a specific mailbox or channel for complaints so that members, affiliates and third parties can report possible breaches of laws, regulations, statutes or the code of ethics to the club.

The customer service mailbox, called, Escoitamos, which is located in the following  link

Information and attention to partners, employees and the general public


The club has a space for members available in this link


Training courses are offered and/or given so that employees and managers know the legal obligations that affect them in the development of their activity.

The RC Celta Group is committed and works actively for the alignment of its strategy and objectives, with the development and professionalization of the people who make up its team, through motivation and continuous training.

Everything related to training is provided in point 4.5 of the Non-Financial Information Statement.


A list of the Club's related fan clubs and their basic data is published.

Everything related to fan clubs can be found in the following link.

A space is reserved on the Club's website to receive suggestions or requests from the fan clubs and/or fan associations.

RC Celta carries out the treatment of the suggestions through the customer service mailbox, called, Escoitamos, and where any suggestion is attended, whether or not he/she is a member or a fan club member. The suggestion box is located in the following link.

The basic catalog of the club's activities is published, as well as the locations of its services and equipment.

The basic activities are detailed below:


The number of spectators at the various sporting events (at least those of the various official competitions) held on the fields, premises and facilities of the Club is published.

The number of spectators at the matches held at Abanca Balaidos in the 20/21 season, to date are:

Due to COVID-19, at the moment the matches are held without spectators in the stands.


There are and are published the results of surveys made to the members and/or the public about satisfaction or quality of the services of the Club

In the Point 9.2 of the Non-Financial Information Statement includes information on the measures implemented to ensure that the activities and processes carried out are carried out properly and, therefore, result in satisfaction for customers and users.

Relations with society, security and position against violence


The specific rules and recommendations of the Club are published to the fans on behavior, and against violence, in its facilities and enclosures, as well as in events in which the Club participates in other enclosures.

RC Celta provides information to the fans to prevent violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport, in each match held at Abanca Balaídos, Campo de Barreiro Field as well as in the tickets of the matches.

The different documents with recommendations to fans and specific rules regarding security and the position of the Celtic RC against violence are the following:


We inform about the symbolism and material not allowed (flares, weapons, lases pointers, etc.) inside the club's sports facilities.

RC Celta provides information to the fans to prevent violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport, in each match held in Abanca Balaídos, Campo de Fútbol de Barreiro as well as in the tickets of the matches themselves.

Everything related to symbolism and material that is not allowed inside the sports facilities can be found in the previous point.


The Internal Regulations of the sports venue endorsed by Laliga (art 6 RD 2023-2010 of prevention of violence, racism and intolerance with sport) are published.


Yes, the Non-Financial Information Statementis published.

Everything related to actions and/or policies of a social nature is provided in point 7 of the Statement of Non-Financial Information..


Information is provided on the relations and/or special conditions of the Club with respect to the Peñas and/or fan associations (ticket reservations, space in the venues, ...).

The relations and conditions of RC Celta with regard to the supporters’ clubs and/or associations are regulated in the Internal Regulations of the Real Club Celta de Vigo, S.A.D


The internal Regulation of the club is published, and/or at least the adopted or foreseen measures in front of the potentially violent or radical groups that come to the sports facilities.

The measures adopted by RC Celta in front of potentially violent groups are included in the Internal Regulations of the Real Club Celta de Vigo, S.A.D


Information is provided on the regulations regarding the sale of tickets when the club is a visitor (named and sold through the visiting club).

In article 4 of the Book XII of the Ticket and Subscription Sales Regulations of compliance for all clubs/SADs of the LNFP, the conditions for the sale of tickets in the visiting zone or sector are indicated.

Furthermore, the  Internal Regulations establish measures to support the activities of the RC Celta supporters in the trips of the team.


Information on data of police presence, private security at sports events.

No information on data of police presence is provided due to security measures.

Private security is available at sporting events held at Abanca Balaídos and Barreiro.


One or more club profiles exist and are published on the website in social networks (Facebook or similar).

The profiles in social networks (Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook) are reflected by icons at the top of the website, with each of these icons providing direct access to the corresponding profiles.

C. Economic and financial transparency

Accounting information


The date of deposit in the Mercantile Registry of the last yearly accounts of the Club is published.

The yearly accounts of the 2018/2019 season were deposited in the Mercantile Registry of Pontevedra on December 26, 2019.

The date of deposit of the last annual accounts of the Club is published at the Superior Sports Council (CSD)

The annual accounts for the 2018/2019 season were delivered to the Superior Sports Council on November 22, 2019.

The date of sending to the Professional Football League (Laliga) the annual accounts and other economic-financial information of obligatory sending is published

On November 28, 2019 it has been sent to the LNFP:
  • Balance Point Indicator agreed procedures report,
  • Agreed procedure report of Expenses Associated to the First Staff,
  • Report of agreed procedures of the Net Debt ratio in relation to the relevant income,
  • Report of agreed procedures of the standard model MN23 (Annex VI) as of June 30, 2019,
  • Report of agreed procedures of the standard model MN23 (Annex VI) as of November 15, 2019,
  • Report of agreed procedures of the standard model MN102 Advertising revenue for the 2019/2020 season,
  • Report of agreed procedures of the standard model MN12 Results derived from the operations of transfer of federal rights between 01/07/2019 and 31/07/2019,
  • Report of agreed procedures on the collection of tickets and season tickets for the 2018/2019 season.


The individual and consolidated interim financial statements are published (article 12 RLFP) (according to article 14).


The annual accounts of linked entities are published, especially the accounts and the complete report of the Club Foundation if there is one (if there are no linked entities, it will be expressly indicated on the web).


Economic and financial indicators


See image below.


Economic relevance of the first staff: Total retribution of the first staff/total budget of the club.

See image below.


Club indebtedness; total club debt/relevant income (as per RLFP)


See image below

Income and expense information


Details of relevant income as of 30/06/2019. It corresponds to the breakdown reflected in section A of the Balance Point Calculation.

Detail of relevant expenses as of 06/30/2019. It corresponds to the detail reflected in section B of the Equilibrium Point Calculation.

The detail of the expenses associated to the first team is published (according to Laliga's Regulations).


Debt data


A breakdown of the club's debt is published (CECSD-IV)

A breakdown of the club’s debt is published (CECSD-IV):
  • Debt with the public administrations:
    • Debt with Public Treasury,
    • Social Security Debt.
  • Private debt:
    • Debts with credit institutions,
    • Other debts.

Report on agreed procedures for the net debt ratio indicator in relation to relevant income as of 30/06/2019.

Report on Agreed Procedures for the Indicator Net Debt to Relevant Income Ratio as of 12/31/2018

Details are provided in Club Debts/Relevant Income (art 12 LNFP) and further details are provided in the Annual Accounts.


The list of debts with the corresponding public administrations is published (art. 18 of the Laliga Regulations).


The list of debts and credits with employees is published (art. 12 Laliga Regulations).


Information on signings


The amounts received by the club are published for:

  • The transfers, and
  • The transfers made in the last two seasons

At least the number of players and the overall amount of both transfers and signings made, and if they have participated in the operations, investment funds and their amount.

  • Transfer expenses.
    In the 2018/2019 season, for the incorporation of 4 players on loan we have incurred 200.000 euros in expenses. In the 2017/2018 season for the incorporation of one player on loan we have incurred 200.000 euros in expenses. In the 2016/2017 season for the incorporation of two players on loan we have not incurred expenses, except for the intermediation expenses
  • The transfers made in the last two seasons.
    The variable amount of players from other seasons, is due to the fact that, in the contracts of purchase of players, there are clauses that oblige the company to pay certain economic compensations in case of fulfillment of the same ones, being recognized the same ones in that moment

None of the operations carried out have involved investment funds.


The amounts received by

The sale of players, and the temporary leasing of players, are published.

At least the number of players and the total of both the sale and the transfer of players

  • Result of the sale of players.This heading includes the result of the sale of players in the corresponding season together with the income generated in previous sales by variable objectives achieved. The result from the transfer of players, as well as the number of players that have been terminated, both by sale and by contract termination is provided in the following graph:
    • Income from the temporary loan of players.
      The income from the loan of players, included in section 5 of the profit and loss account “other operating income”, as well as the number of players loaned is shown in the following graph:




The salary cap of the club's staff is made public

The salary ceiling for the season 2019/2020 amounts to 62. 123 thousand euros, of which 60,924 thousand euros correspond to the first staff and 1,199 thousand euros to the subsidiary.

The salary cap for the 2018/2019 season amounted to 53,975 thousand Euros, of which 52,194 thousand Euros corresponded to the first staff and 1,781 thousand Euros to the subsidiary.


RC Celta has currently hired three minors for Juvenile B and five minors for Juvenile A.

Information on suppliers of goods and services


The list and/or amount of transactions with suppliers, contractors and/or award recipients plus club amounts are published.

The list of the six most relevant suppliers/creditors are:
  • Adidas España, S. A.,
  • ACS España Servicios de Charter Aereo, S.L.U.,
  • Constructora San Jose, S. A.,
  • Abramar Viajes, S. A.,
  • Molcaworld, S.L., y
  • Prosegur Soluciones Integrales de Seguridad España, S.L.

E. Transparency law indicators

Planificación y organización del Club


The annual and/or pluriannual Plans and Programs of the Club are published (season calendar).


An updated organigram of the club is published, which allows the identification of the people in charge of the different organs, as well as their functions and dependency relationships.

It can be found in the following link.

Contracts, agreements and grants


Each one of the Contracts formalized with any public entity (or under public control) is published periodically or at least the relation of the same ones with mention of the signatory parts, its object and, in its case, the economic obligations contracted.

Such contracts are listed below:

On October 22, 2019 signed a sponsorship contract with the Fundación Deporte Galego, with the main objective of promoting prevention and awareness of gender violence in sports spaces amounting to 60,000 euros.

On July 17, 2019 a contract of exclusive cession with Corporación Radio e Televisión de Galicia, S.A, of the rights of the matches of the Season 2019/20 of Celta B in the national championship of Second Division B, including the matches of permanence phase and in the promotion phase. The amount of this contract is 60.000 euros, in case of being among the first eight classified teams the amount will be increased by 3.000 euros. If the phase of promotion to the second division A is arranged, the amount will be increased by 7,000 euros.

On August 8th, 2019 an agreement was signed with Corporación Radio e Televisión de Galicia, S.A., for the assignment of the matches corresponding to the XXIV edition of the Quinocho Memorial. The amount of said agreement is 10,000euros.


RC Celta has signed the following agreements with public entities or under public control:
  • Administrative concession of the Municipal Facilities corresponding to the Stadium of Abanca Balaídos, Barreiro and to the Sport City of A Madroa, subscribed with date 30 of January of 2009 by which the previous facilities are yielded until day 16 of May of 2034.


The subsidies and grants received from any public entity (or under public control) are published with an indication of their amount and purpose.

Below is a list of the grants:
  • RC Celta has received a grant from the Xunta de Galicia, in the 2018/2019 season, amounting to 6.101,68 euros.
  • RCCelta has not received subsidies from public entities in the 2017/2018 season.
  • RCCelta has received a grant from the General Secretariat for Sport, in the 2016/2017 season, amounting to 5.531,14 euros.

Club’s governing bodies


The remuneration received, if any, by the members of the Board of Directors is published.

The members of the Board of Directors do not receive any remuneration whatsoever.

The company has contracted a collective accident insurance for the members of the Board of Directors during the season, being the total amount of the guarantees contracted both in case of death and absolute disability for the amount of 100,000 euros per insured.

In addition, the company has contracted a policy which covers the civil liability of Directors and Senior Officers, the limit per annum of the insurance being 3,000,000 euros.

The amount of both insurance premiums is not significant.


Everything related to the remuneration received by the members of the senior management or maximum executive responsible in the club is provided in 4.1 Non-Financial Information Statement.

Economic and budgetary information


The budgets and other documentation required in the budgetary rules are published (according to the standard model approved by the league. Art 12 Regulation Laliga).

The budgets formulated by the Board of Directors of the company are intended to guarantee the progress at an economic level of the projects that the company has underway in each of the seasons, always being of a positive sign.

2019/2020 Season Budget.


The individual and, if applicable, consolidated annual accounts of the club are published (Art 12 of the Laliga Regulations, according to Art 13)

The company Real Club Celta de Vigo, S.A.D., is the parent company of a group of companies formed by:
  • The participated company Afouteza e Corazón, S.L.U. that does not carry out activities in the field of sports, and
  • The special purpose entity Fundación Celta de Vigo, whose main activity is the promotion of the basic sport from the lower categories of RCCelta.

The company is exempted from the obligation to consolidate because it only participates in subsidiaries that do not have a significant interest, individually and as a whole, in the true image of the assets, financial situation and results of the group companies.

The members of the company’s Board of Directors have decided to prepare consolidated financial statements, including within the scope of consolidation Afouteza e Corazón, S.L.U. and the Celta de Vigo Foundation.

RC Celta annual accounts at 30 June 2019


The external audit reports on the club's accounts are published

The independent audit report of the annual accounts to June 30, 2019, is attached in the previous point together with the annual accounts and the management report.

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